Napa Haulout P2- Calistoga Petrified Forest

Hubby decided he had worked hard enough and it was time for a fun day.  We were not entirely certain what we were going to do, but for the love of God it was going to be a blast.  I mentioned to him the Petrified Forest we had been informed about at the TI.  It was in Calistoga, so would require a bit of a drive, but what’s that to intrepid explorers of our caliber?

We hoped into the rental car and began our quest for ancient stone-ified trees.  Even though the street signs were pointed the wrong way, we found our destination with little trouble.

Five minutes before opening time and there was already a small line of cars.  That’s a good sign.  We paid our entrance fee, familiarized ourselves with a map of the grounds, and took off on the path.  Quickly, our eyes trained themselves to recognize the many pieces of petrified wood scattered all over the place.  They ranged in size from tiny slivers, to chunks, and even full stumps.  Then we arrived at one of the excavated trees.

There’s something quite disconcerting about touching a piece of wood that feels nothing like wood.  We were even able to count the rings!  This site is the location of the largest petrified trees in the world.  The forest on this location 3.5 million years ago included  relatives of the Giant Sequoia, Pine, and Oak.   To see these mammoth trees, now stone, was awe-inspiring.  We also got a nice little nature walk to boot!

“The Queen”: 8ft Diameter, 65ft Length, and a live tree growing through it!


Back to the gift shop and the kiddos were on a high.  Since we live on a boat, souvenirs are pretty much a no-go; there simply isn’t room.  Luckily, we can take photos and walk away with the best souvenirs of all, great memories and new knowledge.  Sometimes the best homeschooling is done on the road.

Back to the boat yard, and Reverie was sporting a new color.  The job was well done, and we were back in the water in no time.  The next day, we stared our sail back to Redwood City, our hulls ready for another two years of fun on the water.

We think Reverie looks swanky in black!



Finally back in the water.

Author: floatingschoolhouse

From Army Brat, to DBA, to homeschool Mom. The adventure continues!

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