Napa Haulout. Again??!!??….

No, this is not a duplicate post.  After our first Napa haulout, we quickly discovered that the new through hull that had been put in was leaking.  Water is best kept outside of a boat, so it was pretty evident this needed to be fixed pronto.

Unfortunately, a series of events prevented us from getting put back on the hard right away, so we sailed home to Redwood City and made arrangements to return to Napa.  This next trip overlapped with the school year so the girls would miss out on a few things.  They were decidedly bummed, but that’s life.  We would also have to do some night sailing, something we have not enjoyed in the past. This was decidedly a bummer.

I did a  Costco run, got everything put away, and started on prepping the boat.  With water tanks topped up, and the heads pumped (thank you Hubby!) we dropped the dock lines.  None of us wanted to be out, but we found ourselves enjoying the sail.  It was ideal conditions and Reverie happily sped through the water.  I finally got a decent picture of the marine layer cascading over the hills into the bay.

Finally got a decent pic of this!  Next time I’ll try for a movie.  Fingers crossed!



Getting dark



We overnighted at Treasure Island this time and anchored without a problem, then in the morning set off for Napa.

The Red Rock.  It marks the boundary for three counties.  Pretty sure it’s never going to be build on.


The kids entertained themselves creating a movie theatre in legos.  The ensuing movies were hilarious.


Not much has changed since the last time we were on the Napa River!


We docked easily and found ourselves in the midst of the same neighbors as the day we left.  The guys pulled us out of the water, had the part taken care of, and put us back in water in a matter of a few hours.  That was the fastest haulout we have ever had!  We stayed at the Embassy Suites that night, taking advantage of the swimming pool, and had dinner at a restaurant downtown called Mango.

This was our second time at this restaurant, and it did not disappoint.  The pricing was very reasonable, the food was literally heaven on a plate, and the restaurant itself was a delight to be in.  If in Napa you MUST go here!  This was a wonderful way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our wedding.  We had a bit of a walk downtown, and returned to the hotel for the night.

The next day, we made our way to China Camp from Napa.  Last time we were here, the kids didn’t get their beach time.  We were determined to rectify this situation.


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