USS Hornet

USS Hornet

Former neighbors of ours had told us of a marina at Ballena Bay.  We have done a lot within the SF Bay, so anything we hadn’t done before was already exciting.  Hubby realized that the marina was walking distance to the USS Hornet.  It’s an aircraft carrier that has been turned into a floating museum.  If you sense a field trip, you are bang on.

We learned about why aircraft carriers have an angled deck and aren’t just straight runways.  (hint, so aircraft can land without threatening the already landed planes at the end of the runway.)  I love elegant solutions!  Anyway, the USS Hornet was built in 1942.  She served in WWII and Vietnam.

DD1 loved the fact that the ship had picked up the astronauts from Apollo 11 and 12 from the drink.   They even have the isolation unit Armstrong and the gang had to hang out in after they were retrieved to make certain they didn’t unleash some kind of space pandemic on the rest of us.

USS Hornet has only been a museum since 1998, but I think they have done a fantastic job.  The kids loved the flight simulator, and there were some great hands on activities.  The kids loved hitting kamikaze planes with a catapult.  My camera’s memory card was filled to the brim from previous adventures though, so there are not many pictures to share.  Here’s what I have:

The USS Hornet has very cool neighbors.
View from the flight deck
View from the flight deck
Our Docent tour of the Island.  So hard not to push the buttons!
Briefing room for the pilots

We had dinner at the restaurant just off the docks, Pier 29.  It has the feel of a very prestigious Denny’s, so we were a little nervous.  Shame on us.  The food was actually quite good, and the prices were comfortable.  Most importantly, I didn’t have to do dishes.  Now THAT’s worth every penny.


Sunset in Ballena Bay with Pier 29

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