Homeschool field trip – Police Station

I’d been thinking about it for a while.  We had already visited the fire station, which was a great experience for the girls, but how about the police station?  My concern was that the kids would see something that would either scare them, or would prompt questions with answers that are decidedly age inappropriate.  Finally, I asked our neighbor who happens to be an Officer what he thought of the idea.  His response was highly enthusiastic.  We set up a day and time.

The girls and I showed up Tuesday morning with a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Unfortunately, it turned out that our neighbor had to make an appearance in court.  On the plus side, there was another Officer who was happy to step in.

Officer Rassmussen met us minutes later and escorted us throughout the facility.  The girls met the 911 dispatchers, saw the shooting range, crawled through the vehicles, and learned a great deal about what goes on in the station.  He literally left nothing out, stopping along the tour to pick up his mail.  On our way out, he gave them each a bag of swag, and told them to remember when they go to bed that the Police are out in the streets making sure things are safe for them.

We don’t have a television, so my kids haven’t seen the news of late.  They did, however, hear about an “incident” on the radio as I was flipping stations.  That one piece of a story was enough to shake their complete trust of the entire police force and cause them to question the role Police fill.  This field trip was a great way to combat them developing fear.  It sparked a wonderful conversation; my kids now realize that while there are a few cops who are not so nice,  most of them are there because they care about their community.  A big Thank You to the entire Redwood City Police Department!


Author: floatingschoolhouse

From Army Brat, to DBA, to homeschool Mom. The adventure continues!

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