Even at Anchor, there’s fun to be had.

As the work day was coming to a close, hubby had a thought.  That usually means work for me, and this time was no different.  I filled the water tanks, and got things cleaned up and ready to sail.  Ok, I don’t mind the work so much if there is a reward.  I’m kind of shallow that way.

As soon as he arrived, we dropped the dock lines and took off for Treasure Island.  We anchor there frequently, but there was something new this time.  the Treasure Island Flea Market was scheduled to be opened.  Additionally, in Jack London Square there was a food festival.  We figured since the Flea Market was closer we would do that.  We hopped into our family car, the dinghy, and zoomed to shore. There were stilt walkers, loads of food trucks, plenty of bars to pick up a libation of choice, and phenomenal weather.  Vendors were selling everything from antiques, to campers, to plants.  In the pet section was someone selling vegan dog food.  Now that’s unusual.    What’s next, carnivorous cows?  I tipped my hat with appreciation to the creative endeavor and moved on.

Then I saw something that took…my…breath…away.  Not kidding.  It’s a suitcase that has a dollhouse built into it.  There were versions that were very gender specific, others that were gender neutral, but all of them awesome.  Here’s the thing, you have loads of room to use it as a suitcase.  With this, you don’t need to worry about an activity for your child where you are going.  The furniture is Melissa and Doug, so you know it’s good quality, and dolls are included.  There is a full size, and a carryon size.  Ever try to keep a small child engaged in an airport during a lay-over.  Enough said.

We still had a lot of daylight, and the kids were getting hungry.  Some brilliant person (me) suggested we should dinghy from Treasure Island to Jack London Square and check out the food festival.  It turned out, that was sheer genius.

During our walk-through, we found Brazilian Breads.  It’s gluten free little rolls that are kind of between a doughnut and a dumpling.  They are HEAVEN!  I’ve looked up a recipe and am going to attempt to create these lovelies.

Then we found a place called Core.  All I can say is WOW.  Veggies never looked so good!  We had the Thai zucchini noodles with a coconut and lime sauce that put smiles on all our faces, and a coconut meat bowl with apples, cinnamon, and honey  that tasted like sin.  It was amazing.   Our tummies were literally singing!

Hubby and I were dying for a bloody mary at this point, so we headed to Scotts, ordered our desired beverages along with steamed clams for the table, and enjoyed being out of the heat.  It actually felt like a vacation.

We headed back to Treasure Island, tummies full and happy, and let the kids have some beach time.  Then it was on to Reverie to watch the sun set and put the kiddos to bed.

The next day, as we were sorely lacking in any breeze, we motored back to West Point Harbor.  A brief shower for Reverie to get the salt off, and we were pooped.




Author: floatingschoolhouse

From Army Brat, to DBA, to homeschool Mom. The adventure continues!

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