Homeschool Schedule

So here it is, our homeschool schedule for this term.  Both girls have three classes outside of the home.  I do this on purpose for socializing, and to keep us moving.  Without outside events to attend, I find we tend to hunker down and adopt a “holiday” attitude.  This keeps us active and social.

Wednesday is park day.  We leave the boat in the morning, practice tennis for a few hours, and then meet up with other homeschoolers to take over the park.  In the afternoon, my younger daughter has violin class with an incredible teacher, and then we return home to get some book work done.  After dinner, my older daughter has youth group.  Then we run home and all fall into bed.

Thursday, late in the morning is Rockit Science.  If you are in the Bay Area, I highly recommend this place.  We have been taking classes here for 5 years.   Mr. Mac is a fantastic teacher, and Jill, Kris, and Greg are really great as well.  My younger daughter takes the essentials science class with Mr. Mac, and my older daughter has a computer programming class with Greg that runs concurrently.  That leaves me with a whole HOUR to do what I want, which consists of rotating between the two rooms so I know what is being discussed in the classes.

Once Rockit Science ends, we pile into the car, I hand each kid a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (telling myself it’s okay because it’s all organic), and we head off to Art Class with Inja.  This class is hosted by a super sweet homeschool family.  We have been doing this for four years for a good reason; teachers like Inja are not easy to find.  She is amazing, and incorporates geography and study of other cultures into her class.  The kids paint, sew, draw, sculpt, and use such a variety of media it frankly makes my head swim.  After class, the kids have some time to socialize and play.  Then we rush back home for dinner.

Friday is pretty mellow.  We usually spend the day in the library, and then head to tennis in the late afternoon.  Once a month we have presentation day with one of our homeschool groups.  I highly recommend organizing an event like this.  Being comfortable speaking in front of a group of people is a useful skill.  The kids also have a great deal of pride sharing something they find interesting with others.  I find the Q and A sessions to be particularly entertaining.

Outside of classes, when the girls get up, they hit the books.  We usually start off with their computer based learning while I’m making breakfast.  There are two reasons we start our day this way.  1-if they are paying attention to the computer there is no way there will be any bickering.  2-when you start homework at 7 in the morning it tends to get done, and the rest of the day can be devoted to classes and free time.  After breakfast, the girls get dressed and such, I teach whatever I have on the docket, and by 10am we are finished.

Somewhere in all this, we manage to practice violin and guitar.  Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about it!  In their free time, the girls like to catch fish and other wildlife in their little fishing nets, they carve soap, grow veggies in the garden, and play minecraft.  I’m stunned at their energy level.  So there you have it!  That’s this terms’ schedule.  For us, homeschooling actually means very little time at home.


Author: floatingschoolhouse

From Army Brat, to DBA, to homeschool Mom. The adventure continues!

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