History Curriculum

Frequently I’m asked what I use for curriculum.  The truth is, I don’t.  When I find something that works for us, we use it, and then move on to the next thing.  Initially, I made up my own “curriculum”.

We are heavy into history, because I feel understanding the past helps us to deal with the present.  One day, a friend of mine mentioned “Story of the World”.  Open to any and all suggestions, I checked it out.  Low and behold, everything I was doing had already been done!  I decided to purchase this curriculum and have been mostly pleased.  For an in depth study of history, it falls woefully short.  For two young kids who are being exposed to history for the first time, it’s great.

So there you have it, my history pick of the moment.  What do you use?  Comment below with why, someone might benefit from your experience.



Author: floatingschoolhouse

From Army Brat, to DBA, to homeschool Mom. The adventure continues!

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