Thank you Neil Patrick Harris

It was late.  I wanted to watch something prior to getting to bed, so we perused the latest on Netflix and started watching “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”.  The entertainment value was high, my favorite actor was brilliant, and I discovered the show was based on a kids book series.  Now before people start cursing me for exposing my kids to something other than “Little House on the Prairie”, let me just say that I’m a cautious parent.  I also realize that keeping my kids in a bubble is not healthy; we discuss things as they come up to contextualize.  Kids are happy, we are happy, it’s all good.  (we finished the “Little House on the Prairie” series a while ago BTW)

Anyway, we checked out the first of the books from the library, and my older daughter is hooked.  This book appeals to her outrageous sense of humor.  Thank you Neil Patrick Harris.  I’m not certain I would have encouraged her to read this series if you had not done the show.  BTW:  If you ever read this, I admire your many talents and have had a healthy (non-stalker, non-creepy) appreciation of you since I was younger than I care to think about.


Dear America Books

Sifting through the books in the library, I came across a series everyone else probably knows about, but was new to  me.  It’s the “Dear America” series.  They are pretend diaries written from a child’s point of view from historically significant times.  For example, I checked out one from a child in Jamestown Virginia from 1609.  It recounts the hardships the settlers experienced.

There are a number of these books that cover everything from the pilgrims, to the trail of tears, to child factory workers.  For those of you looking for interesting history books for your kiddos, here’s one series to try.